Francesca Madriguera Rodon
Paquita Madriguera
Igualada , 24 de setembre de 1900
Montevideo , 2 de novembre de 1965



She began her studies with her mother and had her first debut with five years of age. She spent seven years studying with Marshall at the Granados Academy, and studied composition with Mas Serracant. At thirteen years of age she debuted with her own compositions at the Palau de la Música (Barcelona) and at the Ateneo (Madrid) and at fourteen at the Royal Albert Hall in London with the Orfeó Català. Immediately afterwards, she toured the USA, Europe and Latin America. Following her wedding in Montevideo in 1920, she temporarily abandoned her concert pianist career. After her husband's passing she joined the Pau Casals Orchestra in 1933 in Barcelona. Three years later, she married Andrés Segovia. Due to the Civil War she moved to Switzerland, Italy and finally settled in Montevideo (1937). In 1955 she reappeared in Barcelona in a concert with the Orquestra Municipal conducted by Eduard Toldrà. Her compositional output is mainly for piano and voice and piano.

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