Apel·les Mestres Oñós
Barcelona , 29 d'octubre de 1854
Barcelona , 19 de juliol de 1936


Mainly known for his illustrations and drawings, he was also a prolific composer and author. He studied at the School of Fine Arts of La Llotja. From 1874 onwards, he collaborated with Rodoreda. He was involved with Claverian movements, and published one of Clavé's first biographies in 1876. In addition, he was a music critic and authored several narrative poems later used by composers of the Catalan Lyric Theater. Some of them were for example Enric Morera’s La viola d'or (1910), Enric Granados’s Picarol (1901), Follet (1903), Gaziel (1906) or Liliana (1911), and Sadurní’s Pierrot el lladre. After going blind by 1914, he composed hundreds of simple and intimate songs which were transcribed by Joan Massià and published as Cançons per infants (1923) and Madrigals (1926).

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