Concepción Borrull
Valencia , 1903
Barcelona , 1983
Performer i Teacher


Flamenco dancer

Daughter of Miguel Borrull Castellón. In 1912 she made her debut with his family at the Parisian club La Feria. She performed at the Café Villa Rosa, the family's Barcelona venue. She also performed at theatres such as Eldorado (1917, 1925), Novedades (1919) and Còmic (1921) in Barcelona, Romea and Comedia (1917) in Madrid, and Eslava (1915), Villa Rosa (1931) and Apol·lo (1932) in Valencia, where the press called her ‘the queen of gypsy dance’. In 1929 she took part in the premiere of the flamenco comedy La zambra del Sacro-Monte at the Teatre Nou in Barcelona. That same year, she also took part in Los flamencos, a lyrical sainete with music by Amadeu Vives premiered at Teatre Tívoli. In 1933 she collaborated with the company of Laura de Santelmo at the Gran Teatre del Liceu, in Falla’s opera La vida breve and in the gitanería El amor brujo. The following year, she performed with his sister Julia in the flamenco comedy La zambra del Chorro Jumo. FlFrom the 1940s onwards, she was described as the queen of alegrías and was a flamenco dance teacher at the school

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