Isabel Borrull


Flamenco dancer

Daughter of Miguel Borrull Castellón. In 1910, promoted by her father in Madrid’s variety shows, she began an artistic career with his sister Julia, adopting the stage name ‘Las Hermanas Borrull’ or ‘Las Egipcias’. A year later, they made their debut at the Teatre Arnau in Barcelona. Their success allowed them to make the leap to the international arena. In 1912, they performed for a few months at the flamenco restaurant La Feria in Paris, accompanied by their father, the guitarist Miguel Borrull.

Shortly afterwards, the artistic couple disbanded and Isabel began a long period of occasional performances in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Her last appearances are documented in Barcelona, in the mid 1935. Thanks to her father's teachings, Isabel also excelled as a tocaora, accompanying her sister with the guitar in some shows. The photographic records of her guitar playing confirm the influence of Francesc Tàrrega’s technique on the Borrull family.

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