Josep Garcia Robles
Olot , 28 de juliol de 1835
Barcelona , 28 de gener de 1910


Composer and teacher

He studied piano in Reus, Vic and Barcelona, while studying drawing and painting. He taught the latter at a school in Mataró, for which students he began composing music as well. Years later, he moved to Barcelona where he taught privately and at schools. From 1886, he taught also at Escola Municipal de Música de Barcelona. In addition to his career in education, he was also known for organizing musical evenings for the Güell family.

His output includes not only didactic works (including scenic and chamber music) but also religious, choir and symphonic music, and pieces for voice and piano. The most well-known compositions were those commissioned by the Güells, such as the opera Garraf, and choir music composed for Orfeó Català, of which he was a founding member. He was one of the most relevant figures of the Catalan musical Renaixença.

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