Joan Gibert Camins
Barcelona , 12 de març de 1890
Barcelona , 9 d'agost de 1966
Composer, Performer i Teacher


Harpsichordist, pianist and pedagogue

He studied at the Escola Municipal de Música de Barcelona under Lluís Millet and Robert Goberna. In 1905, he debuted as a pianist at the Cercle Artístic de Barcelona. In 1920 he moved to Paris, where he studied piano under Isidor Philipp and Alfred Cortot, harpsichord under Wanda Landowska and composition under Vincent d'Indy at the Schola Cantorum. In 1928 he returned to Barcelona, beginning a busy period of piano and harpsichord recitals at the Palau de la Música Catalana, the 1931 Chopin Festival and the 1932 Bach Festival. He founded the organization Compositors Independents de Catalunya (CIC), also known as Grup dels Vuit, which was presented publicly in 1931. From 1939, he devoted himself to harpsichord and piano teaching and in 1947, he gained a position at the Conservatori de Barcelona and created an Early Music professorship. Antoni Besses, Teresa Llacuna, Romà Alís and Maria Empar Ribera were among his students. He worked as a music critic and essayist for Revista Musical Catalana and La Publicitat and composed music for piano, vo

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