Agustí Cohí Grau
El Vendrell , 10 de juny de 1921
El Vendrell , 9 de març de 2012



He began his studies with his mother and at the escolania of El Vendrell. After moving to Barcelona, he studied with Santiago Burgués (violin) and at the Escola Municipal de Música, with Toldrà, Jaume Pahissa and Zamacois. In 1931 he sang as a soloist with the children of the Orfeó Català. At the age of thirteen, he was appointed Kapellmeister of the Escoles de la Sagrada Família and in 1944 he joined the Cobla Albert Martí as a trombonist. In 1950 he moved to Madrid to conduct zarzuela and revista, and got involved in educational programs of the Spanish Ministerio de Cultura. From 1957, he conducted different choirs and the Orquestra Simfònica Estela, he served as a teacher at high schools and, in 1988, he founded the Associació de Mestres Directors. He composed over eighty sardanes, arrangements of eight hundred popular ballets, symphonic music, zarzuelas, religious music, compositions for cobla and solo instruments and an opera.

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